Every Stitch of Millinery

Millinery of Kathleen Bachay Jenson Kathleen’s Keepsakes For over 30 years, Katheen Bachay Jenson has used her crochet hooks much like her father used paint brushes. For a decade prior, Kathleen owned and operated her own vintage clothing store. After closing, her appreciation for vintage attire became a catalyst for her creative endeavors. For example, […]

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Case B-30 Fluffed, NIP Vintage Goofy, Loose Tonka and Micronauts Comics

Vintage Tonka Trucks, original Micronauts comics, Tootsie Toy Disney Paddleball and mucho more are awaiting your play and collecting prowess at that crazy Phantomotoi booth inside Fox Lake Country Antique Mall! Come get some before it’s all GONE! Above and below: Phantomotoi’s infamous ‘rotating┬ácase B-30’ inside Fox┬áLake Country Antique Mall in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin is chock […]

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Phantomoshop MKE Printing Floor

After an entire week on the printing floor at Phantomoshop, Milwaukee, it’s time to bust out those suds. I get out some these days, but not too much. I consider my ‘hobby’ my ‘work’, my ‘work’ my ‘play’ and my ‘play’ one of my many disciplines. I decided long ago that rich in happiness was […]

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