Elderberry Tea Harvesting

Even though it is mighty hot out there for September, you know as well as I that Winter is coming up. That means ‘cold season’. I hate being sick, so my family likes to make an effort in the ‘preventive medicine’ department as much as possible. One example of this is our harvesting of our […]

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Got A Costume Yet?

If a good costume idea has yet to appear in your transom, fear NOT, my fine friends, for Phantomotoi has many a gag, mask or hoot to get those creative sparks a-frizzlin’! What a BASH it’s gonna be! See you at ‘the Fox’! – John Phantomoshop

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Micro-Customs In Prog

So this Fisher Price Imaginext Deep Sea Bathysphere is coming along. I severed the grabber-clamps off to replace them with custom neodymium magnet joints that will accept a myriad of custom-attachment choices which I’ll show more of later. Until then, here are some production shots from Phantomoshop. Enjoy! Stay tuned for more! – John Phantomoshop

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Find Us – Busy

Sorry I don’t have time during the day to answer every email or message. If I want to have content to publish for you all tomorrow, I must work today. It’s the ‘sign of the times’, right? I know, I know … me, always talking about ‘taking breaks’ and ‘be good to yourself’ blah blah […]

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Frightful Micro-Mods

OK so imma let a paw of the cat out of the bag here and say that the latest Microman Modified custom figures are going killer over at Phantomoshop. I demolded parts today that I poured last night and most turned out better than expected, so that’s always double plus good when trying to release […]

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Thoughts and Prayers

out to all those and their families affected by this unruly weather and earthquake uprise. This stuff is no joke so stay tough out there. With news of Chile, Japan, New Zealand, Mexico and California¬†(stay safe Antoinette, Barry and all family) and elsewhere … the struggles are the test and I wish for you all […]

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