Phantomophigure Production Plus

‘One-of-a-kind customs’ !?!? Whoaawwwhwhwhwhaatthhheehhh ?!?

Phantomotoi_Invasion_7_11_17_1100wYou read correct, my friends. PhantomoshopMKE has been busy since our blog went down, so there have been many projects completed since then AND many NEW concepts we have yet to unveil.

I am excited to release a few of the new items, which are mostly OOAK pieces, though there will be some editions of some custom ‘repaints’ as well. Phantomotoi_feb_2017_1400wRemember, you can find Phantomoshop Custom accessories at our Phantomotoi booth at Fox Lake Country Antique Mall in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. However, we cannot be certain to say what will be left as THINGS MOVE FAST!

Later and I will post more once prepped!
Collect on …

– John


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