Summertime Rolls …

Yup, hop in, turn the key, stomp the pedal and crank those tunes, dudes because it’s time to get that roadworthy thirst quenched for some Summertime rolls!


Some of my favorite collectable toy vehicles have always been the vans, man. I mean, especially if the back, side or front hood were articulated for some kind or open/close interaction. HOURS upon HOURS were consumed in a euphoric land of imaginary bliss called … ‘play’ … remember?


These hot to cruise Van Nuys Blvd. classics will go GREAT in any scale collection! Rare paint schemes sweeten the deal where boast rights go to the most obscure colors and graphics. Right on! These M.O.C. vans are the BOMB right now at Phantomotoi at Fox Lake Country Antique Mall! But hurry in SOON as THINGS MOVE FAST!

Fox_Sign… and when in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin always be sure to ‘Shop the Fox’!

Collect on & on & on & … I do!

Yer Buddy in ‘VAN’,



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