Out the Heat and Into the Cool

Phantomotoi_Squirtgun_Salad_1050wWhat do you do when it becomes so hot outside that you need a lil’ fun to cool things down?

Public pool?
You might, you might …

What If I told you that there is a place … a ‘magical’ place that can instantaneously travel you and your comrades to places you thought to forget without ever having to bother pondering the bloated expense of building your own particle collider.

That ‘place’ my pals is Fox Lake Country Antique Mall in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin!


So ‘bop on by’ as they say for an excellent diversion from those everyday doldrums and inescapable Summertime temperatures … it’s ‘air-conditioned’ cool and there’s always a treat for you in the back of the store while you peruse through centuries of humankind’s wonders and accomplishments. GREAT PRICES TOO!

See you all there ‘shopping the FOX’!



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