Worthy Collector Toys You May Not Have Heard About

When hunting vintage collector toys I’ll bluff. I mean, I know what I like, right? I don’t need to have any more ‘worthy vices’ when it comes to collecting. Right?!?

It is always that moment when I am proven wrong!

Outta the box above: Takara’s ‘Microman Magneforce’ figure with magnetic feet likes to hang around watching you do all that cool productive stuff that you do!

Above: Microman with L.E.D. battery packs 
engage a magnetically-footed figure to illuminate the red light embedded in it’s chest. Fun to stick around and switch on, off, on, off, on … figure boasts very elegant joint articulation for it’s stealth 3-inch scale.

While hunting to complete my own collections, I end up meeting the best people who introduce me to worlds of play that I never knew existed!

In this lifetime (‘Don Pardo-voice’ enter here), you can’t possibly know about everything, and I am FAR from being ‘all-knowing’! Besides, learning about the history of toys, their makers and manufactures who put in the dedication, talent and toil to faction these worlds of play and wonder for, well, us!

Yes, ‘us’ … the ‘dreamers of the fantastique!’ who demand a higher-quality escapism for their hard-earned buck. Well, something like that, maybe.

It all is, well, thrilling as it is humbling. Yea. Wow. The amount of work before ‘computerized’ design. Let that sink in as it can always help to pinpoint the worth of something historically relevant or ‘collectable’.

Above: Capsela’s ‘Space Link’ toys from the eighties brought ‘science class’ to the play area, with a myriad of interactive building kits which shipped with collectable ‘diaclone-driver’ type figures (more about the influence of ‘Diaclone’ later) that folded into position to then ride inside the tiny cockpits of any modular vehicle that your inner Syd Mead could dream up to build with the copious amount of parts included in each kit.

*Sigh* … only ‘IF’ I had saved all those cool boxes … oh well. I still managed to pilfer a few that I will be putting up for grabs at the Phantomotoi booth soon, as well as a few Microman M.O.C. and other cool figures. So if you want ‘in’ on some awesome Capsela Space Link-age … bop on by Phantomotoi!

Those were the days! Wow, I LOVE toys… let’s not forget them and UPDATE the joys of collecting ‘play’!


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