Figuring-Out Figure Sizes for Sale


I LOVE buying collector toys online. And, some of the vendors are awesome, too especially when they are gracious enough to openly share helpful information when preparing to purchase from them.

However, there is one ‘forgot to log data-entry tid-bit’ that is more often, well, being forgotten in the vast majority of sellers item descriptions. That  ITEM SIZE! And, let me tell you, it can really throw off a worthy purchase experience.


Size of item is important to every collector I’ve ever sold to, mostly due to investments collectors have embarked upon when considering not only their vast collections, but display case construction and archival storage options are not getting any less expensive. Shelf-height of a display case can often be determined by the size of one figure line.

If selling online, just add a nickel or quarter (if you don’t have a rule or measure handy, that can work too) in your item photos. Easy-peasy. Done D.

Tip: Keep yourself and your investments safe … that is, be an ‘informed’ buyer and never assume. Do your own research prior to purchase. Its imperative to have a good idea of what you’re actually looking to invest in before throwing your dollars into the wind.

‘Research before buying always dispels the crying .’

See you all at ‘The Fox’!


  • John – Phantomoshop


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