While Shooting a Video, FRESH Photo-Bombed the Scene …

Just got back to review the raw video and digital shots I took at Fox Lake Country Antique Mall for a new ‘web-mercial’ soon to be released. It went great, as Cindy, Lynn and David took great care in facilitating a smooth production shoot, all the while never loosing pace with customers checking out with their daily treasures around us. Thanks to Kourtney and her daughter, all sequences on the shot-list were captured with not one snag! Thanks again you two!


The video is going to be a good one, as I have to finish mixing down the new ‘Fox Lake Country Antique Mall’ jingle that my brother David and I wrote and recorded on Thursday last week. Things are now really starting to fall into place with this project. I’m now stoked to see the final cut. Stay tuned!


I even had some time to add a healthy collection of FRESH items, so be sure to ‘check my fluffins’ at the Phantomotoi booth, ok? Solid!
Above: Not Phantomotoi, but one of the many cool booths YOU need to check out at ‘The Fox’!


I got video to edit … type to all yous later!

Collect on!


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