This is Crazy, NOT Karate!

And it ain’t ‘Rocket Science’ either. No practice necessary, no discipline required. It’s ‘PLAYTIME’ for collectors, folks, and nothing could be more escapist!


For those of you who have been following Phantomoshop (, and the vast compendium of creative projects of Brothers Jenson Present (, you might remember the multi-media collaborative art studio Soar Studios MKE and, which ended up morphing into what is now PhantomoshopMKE (our production site in Milwaukee, Wisconsin). Crazy huh? Who knew?

Above: Production at SoarMKE throughout the 2000’s stayed tough for over a decade, only to morph into what is now Phantomoshop, Milwaukee.

Above: Art selling on ‘soar‘ was thumbnail-savy for the eclectic-minded eye, before Brothers Jenson moved their creative endeavors to a more ‘live’ venue … like their current crush, selling at Fox Lake Country Antique Mall in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin!


So maybe another ‘Brothers Jenson Event’ is being planned as I type this. Maybe not. We’re always working at something, so all I can do is answer any questions you all might have and keep you posted on stuff as soon as I know. Keep reading HERE at this blog, and you won’t be left in the dark. In the meantime, I might see you at the ‘Primus/Clutch‘ show coming up, and if we don’t cross paths there, maybe I’ll see you ‘SHOPPIN’ the FOX’!

Stay swell,


Where are all the bees?


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