Sizing Up A Few Faves

Above: L to R – Coleco’s ‘Starcom’, Lego’s ‘Mini-Figure’, Diener ‘Space Raiders’, Mattel ‘Muscle Men’, Capsela ‘Space Link Medic’ and Takara’s ‘Diaclone Type II Driver’

Lovin’ all the collector toys and such that I do, I really prefer a certain ‘size restriction’ in my own collecting habits. Dealers might call ’em ‘smalls’, model enthusiasts might consider ’em ‘add-ons’ and we all know Santa loves his ‘stocking stuffers’ … I digress.


Furthermore, as completely subconscious this ‘preference’ is, it seems perfectly at home hosting my consciousness through a waltz of organizational disciplines. What’s my preference, you ask? It’s an easy one… I LOVE ‘micro-scale’ or rather, almost any figure that does not exceed more than four-inches in height (magnetic feet or joints are double-plus good as well). Also, I’ve also always gravitated towards any vehicle or accessory that is compatible with this scale.

Toys that fall into this very size category are commonplace in the United States and all over the toy stores in my surrounding area, such as ‘G.I’ Joe’ figures, ‘D.C. Comics Super Heroes’ figures and ‘Star Wars’ figures, so for decades now I have been thrifting-together nothing less than a ‘plastic body-shop’ that’s been popping-out customs for rare editions, ‘one-offs’ and some kits.


Being that I’m not the biggest fan of any of these lines, I again digress, BUT I still collect a healthy plethora from ALL these lines simply because the parts and accessories are all excellent ‘CUSTOMIZATION FODDER’ for the toy lines I DO collect: Microman, Micronauts, Capsela Space Link and more!

So it’s quite obvious there are many more worlds to wonder about when venturing beyond collecting the M.O.C.s and M.I.B.s, dig me?


More on this in a bit! See you at ‘The Fox’!

Keep collecting!
– John

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