Phantomoshop Blog Gets In the Mood

Sure ‘Phantomotoi’seller 545’s booth of AWESOME collector toys has killer prices on collector ‘play’ from several different eras, from all over the world. But when sauntering the floor at Fox Lake Country Antique Mall in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, it most wise to visit other booths in and around the mall simply because the excellent, hard-to-find items they stock are so rare and such a great price, I can’t stop shopping at their booths!

THIS, my dedicated readers, is what I call, ‘getting in the mood’!

Every time I enter the mall, all I have to do to get ‘in the mood’ is look to my left by the upper window and there is the excellent booth of Lindsay Bruder, who is an expert when it comes to what you need for vintage gaming, decor, collecting and much more! 

Above: Lindsay Bruder has been selling collector toys, games and much more to hundreds if not thousands of satisfied collectors. I am most certainly one of those collectors (I scored the ‘BASH!’ game from 1965 in the upper left)! Thanks Lindsay!

Another seller to look for in the mall when hunting collector toys is Greg Wojczak‘s ‘Tin-Toy Treasure Trove’ and other fine collector toys (which Greg does’t call his booth that, I just came up with that to describe what I find my wallet drooling over most (unbelievable tin-friction toys in beautifully lithographed original boxes) when checking out the newly-added items he will bring in.

Greg and his wife travel the country looking for only the rarest of forgotten vintage play, usually hardly played or ‘mint in box’! Some of the stuff I’ve seen people score from his booth has been utterly jaw-dropping, and at a great price, too! Greg is totally on it when it comes to pricing even his rarest of items, and his extensive knowledge from being ‘in the business’ of collectables with his wife is effortlessly and graciously given to each and every one of his inquiring customers… Greg is great.


Now I can’t guarantee Lindsay or Greg will be working the day you stop in, as the mall has many awesome and helpful people working on the staff, which I will be mentioning more about in future blog entries. It’s the perfect way for you to meet the great people who have dedicated TONS of time to make the mall a most wonderful shopping experience for you! I think that’s pretty cool, but I’m lucky enough to see how much actually goes into such an extensive, one-of-a-kind shopping experience like Fox Lake Country Antique Mall and what it has to offer everybody and anybody!


So stop on by Fox Lake Country Antique Mall THIS WEEKEND! We have a special sale a-brewin’ and you know what THAT is good for … ‘GETTIN’ IN THE MOOD!’

Collect on and ‘Shop that FOX’,
– John

p.s. The ‘Web-mercial’ rough-cut with sound for the mall is done … I am stoked!

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