Fox Lake Country Antique Mall Webmercial Done and Up!


What’s going on everybody?!

I finished video-editing and mastering the final crush of the audio for Fox Lake Country Antique Mall’s new ‘webmercial’ (IDK what else to call it, so feel free to help me out in the comments section below)!

You can view it HERE:

After initial viewing, Cindy, the mall’s owner approved it’s completion on Saturday this past weekend, so I uploaded it to Phantomoshop’s Youtube channel (I ran into too many snags trying to make a Youtube account for the mall. IDKW… yet).


So, what I came up with is until there is an actual online ‘channel’ for the mall, any seller at the mall that might want a copy to post on their Youtube channel, Vimeo channel, Facebook or the like, feel free (as long as the piece is NOT edited in any way) to contact me at:

and I can get you a copy to post via email. Easy peavy!

Cheers, enjoy and let me know what you think!

Collect on,
– John

A HUGE THANK YOU to EVERYONE who was involved to help make this thing go as smooth as it did. You ALL are awesome!



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