WHAT?!? Rock Shell-Shock!

The dank, darkly-lit corridors of where my grandfather George S. Bachay once held and defended his welter-weight boxing title was packed once again for two of the behemoths of ROCK:

Primus and Clutch LIVE at the Eagles Club Ballroom in Milwaukee, Wisconsin!


Both bands brought some jaw-jiggling jams, old to new, with a light show that would have sweat the toxins out of anyone!

Drink prices were super-high (I wonder how much their food menu would be … uuuhhg), but it was great to be there with the people I was fortunate enough to accompany.

Above: The massive ceiling of the Eagles Club Ballroom in Milwaukee, Wisconsin is transformed into a star-gate via digital-control L.E.D. robotic-orb light fixtures during Primus’ epic song ‘Harold Rocks’ (photo: David Hugh Jenson).

Maybe we’ll bump into each other at the next ‘Clutch’ show. Who knows?

Bring earplugs … it’s a BALLROOM.

Collect great memories,
– John


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