Spy Magician Customs – Wave 1.0


Hello and welcome back to Phantomoshop’s Blog Official, Phantomotoi (‘Fan-toe-mo-toy’)! 


As you ca see, I got quite involved with getting some fresh presentations with these Microman ‘Spy Magicians’. They are all in ‘collector grade’ condition, with each of them being built from ‘n.o.s. – unplayed and undisplayed’ figures from the Takara re-issue series that debuted in 1997-1999.






So which one do you like best? Leave your vote in the comments section below. I would love to know!


So I’m now onto customizing different versions of Antron, Membros and Repto from the Mego Micronaut line from the 1970s for a few side projects because of a plethora of extra parts I found stashed away inside a ‘rainy-day’ project box at the studio. Fun! I always wanted to see these characters in alternate color schemes as a kid. I can’t wait to show some of the results as I made some of the custom parts myself by ultimately pouring resin into silicone molds made from custom sculpted ‘accessories’ that are specifically designed to work with figure lines of this 3.75″ scale. AWESOME!

Many different options await your custom figuring and Microman collecting at Phantomotoi!

See you at ‘The Fox’

– John


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