Antron, Membros and Repto are Custom FUN

Can you believe it?!?

Above: One of several ‘Micro-customs’ from Phantomotoi named ‘Max Leveler’ … chop, chop,chop …

I mean, for REAL-REAL?


Above: Mego Micronauts and classic Microman figures are re-mixed into ‘fresh new entrees’ at Phantomotoi

All these classic vintage figures are for the most part completely modular, therefore the possibilities for successful customs is bottomless, so drop in!

Above: Look for case B-30 CHOCK FULL of ‘Phantomotoi Smalls & Awesome Oddities’

After completing the paint jobs and new assemblies of close to twenty ‘re-mixed’ figures, I had to stop and sit back just to soak in the reality that melted to nothingness around me for at least 5 hours straight.

No television.
No smartphone.
No I-pad.

Just great tunes cranked and toys in my hand. Happiness shouldn’t be this easy, but it is. Maybe I’m onto something.


So whatever it is that you find yourself doing, I wish you all the best and hope you have fun while you do it!

Better moods follow like a best friend,

– Dave & John

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