Late Night at Phantomoshop MKE

Much to do at the studio tonight. List too long to itemize, so here are some pics of some past ‘Late Night’ evenings proceedings. Enjoy!


So just what is ‘Late Night’ at Phantomoshop MKE all about anyways? I seem to reference it enough these days, so I guess that an explanation is in order.

Late Night originated from ‘late nights’ at Soar Studios MKE 2005 when we would do extensive silkscreen printing and mural sessions that would last for days … no kid. Man, those were the ‘dog days’. I can barely pull an ‘all-nighter’ presently, not unless I prefer to ride shotgun with a Godzilla-sized migraine the next day. I’ll try to dig up some pictures of these sessions. I would like to see them crazy times again! Woah.


Presently, Late Night has predominantly been reduced to me working second and third shift sessions at what is now Phantomoshop MKE. These sessions have been revolving around several different simultaneous projects, some physically real, some complete conceptual fantasy.

Somewhere, in- between there is Late Night.

Half productivity – half complete escapism.


Now notice that nowhere am I suggesting that I ‘effortlessly’ achieve a perfect balance between the ‘halves’ … and you can bet there are multitudes of subconscious periphery hurdling each idea forward to such a degree that I usually end up powering down every electronic peripheral in the studio and opening the window as to hear the sound of jets in the middle of a moon-lit holding-pattern over Lake Michigan right outside my window. A real ‘symphony fantastique’ …

As I work, the first beams of sunlight peer over the horizon of the massive lake, through the studio window and directly into my eyes, letting me know that once again, that one more ‘Late Night’ has drown the day.

Smoke break on the fire escape …

A good album to listen to at this point would usually be John Coltrane’s ‘Lush Life’ or maybe Tangerine Dream’s ‘Phaedra’ or even ‘Rubicon’.

I work to this piece frequently due to it’s length:

I gotta get back to work!

Enjoy the joys, friends

–  John




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