Consider Us A BIG Lit Hit! Lights, Camera, SECURITY!

Many upgrades and several new sellers are just a few of the ‘fresh events’ that are always a big part of the constant ‘lit situation’ that is Fox Lake Country Antique Mall!

* ‘lit situation’ – Lit can describe a situation or event that’s very cool, exciting, or crazy, as in ‘This store is so freaking lit right now.’

In fact, this store is one ‘big lit hit’ right now! No kid!

Above: Google, yes GOOGLE declared it OFFICIAL … One big lit hit!

As the mall keeps expanding in every corner and case, vendors diligently work around the hour to keep their booths orderly and constantly fresh for new and return shoppers.

Above: Mall cashier and booth seller David Hugh Jenson ‘monitors the floor’ utilizing the mall’s new hi-tech multi-cam security system.

If you find that you have acquired a plethora of vintage items (toys, comics or the like) in your personal collection and are more in a market to sell rather than to buy, give me a call (John at 262-527-8774) on the ‘Phantomoshop line’ and I’ll see if I can help you out, especially if you have any vintage Takara Microman, Mego Micronauts, Shogun Warriors or ‘space toys’ from the 1950s – 1980s that you would like to sell. If you get voicemail, please leave your name and return number and a brief message on what it is you have to sell and I will return your call. Thanks!

Above: Look familiar? Mego Micronauts might be in that box o’ stuff you’ve been wanting to oust for some time now, and someone (like me) may buy it from you!

Phantomotoi has expanded inside the mall again! You can find my vintage toy collectables in the back of the store now, on the corner of the hallway shelving as you approach the mall’s awesome ‘Rest and Snack’ area (my personal fave … FREE COOKIES and COFFEE! Eat yo heart out, ‘Starbux’!)

Above: Phantomotoi’s NEW ‘Corner Cove’ of Vintage Play brings some MORE fun to Fox Lake Country Antique Mall’s ‘Rest Stop’ area in the back of the store where FREE coffee and cookies await!


So keep on collecting and visiting this ‘crazy’ blog for all the latest and greatest of what might be happening in the world of ‘Phantomotoi’.

Thanks for reading, pals!
– John

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