Leftover Supplies from SOAR MKE

When Soar Studios, Milwaukee officially morphed into what is currently ‘Phantomoshop MKE’ our studio inventory had to be purged and downsized.


After over a decade of public shows, performances and publications, stuff started to amass into piles and boxes that were winning the war for square footage on our production floor … and in a production studio, that cannot happen.


This is where it gets good for YOU!


I’ve begun to inventory and price a load of vintage, NOS & MISB art supplies that many deem ‘obsolete’ in the modern scope of ‘art & design’. But, if you are like me, you might value the past and still weld these tools, mechanical devices and supplies in your everyday creative endeavors.


So keep an eye out at our Phantomotoi booth at Fox Lake Country Antique Mall for a whole slew of vintage art and design supplies that are almost impossible to find these days. You may be surprised at what you might find!


See you at ‘The Fox’!


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