More Micro-Scale Customs

‘Micro-Scale’ – Action figures that are 3.75″- 4″ in height.
(ok, geeez !! Like THIS :

Mucho wiggy again with the vintage figure and custom parts boxes in the attic … good way to relax from doing all the other daily chores ‘n such. Some old, some new. Much MORE soon. Enjoy!


Anyhoo, check out some of these guys … though ‘roughed-out’ concepts, some of them turned out pretty cool! Those neodymium magnets really hold pose steadfast, and that is important because these figures have quite a few individual small parts that can influence so many different figure designs, well, frankly it makes my right eyebrow twitch and I get hungry for ‘Ding-Dong’ (chilled in the freezer for 20 minutes prior to unwrapping of foil).

Yes, I’m diggin’ it.

phantomophigure__Meditmask_Trackball_Theremin_600wAbove: A Phantomophigure ‘Medit Mask’ reaches ‘phreakquincies’ of metaphysical                  mediation while striking a classic pose of rock bravado.

phantomoPhigure_Cephalotasm_700wideAbove: A Phantomophigure ‘Cephalotasm’ teleports out the jar and into the waves. You can see the tiny round neodymium magnet embedded ‘in hand’ in order to hold, clutch and hang.

PhantomoPhigure_StarThrong_Prismer_1000w copy
Above: A Phantomophigure ‘Prismer’ attempts to conjure which color gumball is going to ‘SequesterTron’ next.

Phantomophigure_MeditMask_Acupunkr_15_500w 2Above: Can this Phantomophigure ‘Acupunkr’ pay the monthly bill?

Phantomophigures_AcuPunker_Floral_1000wAbove: A Phantomophigure ‘Acupunkr’ gets a signal of mental metamorphosis with laser-beamed botanical construction.

All ‘Phantomophigures’ pictured are one-of-a-kind and hold countless poses via neodymium magnetics.

©2017 Brothers Jenson Present

Have Fun With It!


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