As Summer Winds Down

There is a bit of a nip in the dusk August air. Even though the September colors of decay have yet to begin their swan song, the hint of a chill is already perched at the edge of the world, waiting to advance forth another sweet-sour harvest that is autumn.

Above: Winter is always right around the corner in ‘Lake Country’ – Wisconsin!

Sweet is the harvest, sour is the work to harvest it’ … as ‘they’ say. In Phantomoshop‘s case, work is the best part, but leisure is good medicine for the mind, body and soul, too!

Above: The road trip I took with my family to ‘Forevertron’ was undoubtedly unforgettable and ultimately influenced an entire volume of fresh ideas for future endeavors.

Dr_Evermor_Forevertron_Book_cover_1000wAbove: The read that can lead you to a whole new world of ‘creative design’ … meet ‘Dr. Evermor’, the mastermind creator of Wisconsin’s ‘Forevertron’.


Speaking of which, fall is a great time to hit the road for a Wisconsin ‘road-trip’! The fresh air, the beautiful colors of the changing foliage … the cool destinations of fantasy, history and wonder (like Dr. Evermor’s ‘Forevertron’ in Wisconsin)… it’s all so quenching to the kippered, static spirit. A perfect way to rejuvenate the soul before Winter arrives to wear it down… again.

Phantomoweb_2017_II_KBJ_600wAbove: Phantomoshop has more than a few projects to keep us quite ‘occupied’ throughout  ‘winter’s grip’, but not one project can replace the raw wonder that can be found on a well-executed road trip!

Because Phantomoshop is in high-production throughout the Winter months, it’s easy to get ‘shut-in psychosis’ if I’m not too careful of my ‘work-play tight-rope’.

As any ‘workaholic’ will confess, it is extremely important NOT to think about work too!

Above: Back at it at Phantomoshop MKE after miles of road have mixed all my colors for me (I wish).

It can even be a bit like a drawing or painting you’ve been working on for some time. It’s important to balance the chiaroscuro proper in order to achieve a cohesive relationship between that which renders it.


So take a break. Come in for a landing. Sometimes doing nothing at all can be the best way to achieve a higher ground. ‘Leisure is learning, too’ or so I’ve heard … sign me up, but then I have to get back to work!

Create away …

– John



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