Sunday For Rest

Above: The sky where I have lived since a wee lad always has a new painting in progress waiting to show me.

Staring up at the sky is probably what I do most these days (wearing really REALLY dark sun glasses). Always fascinated by what the sky and the ocean have to unveil in my dreams as my stare locks on the vast impossibilities of what I am looking at, only to wait for eternity to gaze back at me for maybe a nano-second in this present reality and silently chide my child-like ignorance.

In the utterly blinding pace we all live in at this present, a ‘kick-back’ of sorts can certainly shine a light on what it truly might mean as to rest.

So we rest within the growth of a garden …

Above: Our garden popped later this year, but It did finally pop.

Above: The squash looking quite happy!

Above: beans looking good too.

Above: This big ‘B-52’ Dragonfly has been my pal all summer long eating the bugs that like to feed on ME!

Above: There’s my Mom, Kathleen Bachay Jenson harvesting seeds for next year.

Above: A bounty of freshly-harvested garden garlic to keep all those ‘creatures of the night’ at bay.

Above: Dusk in Lake Country is always a beautiful epitaph devoid of petty judgement for a day now unattainable.

Thanks for ‘resting’ with us today!

– John


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