Phantomoshop MKE Printing Floor

After an entire week on the printing floor at Phantomoshop, Milwaukee, it’s time to bust out those suds.

I get out some these days, but not too much. I consider my ‘hobby’ my ‘work’, my ‘work’ my ‘play’ and my ‘play’ one of my many disciplines. I decided long ago that rich in happiness was the ticket for me, although happiness sure can feel like imprisonment if a balance of priority is thwarted.

You see, condemned not is the ‘Underdog’, because the ‘Underdog’ always has to work ‘twice as hard’, a credo I always seemed to respect over ‘fluff’. Suds over fluff … you know the suds be working while the ‘fluff’? Well…

‘If I didn’t work for it, it isn’t worth a double-dip.’ This still loops in my mind. Livin’ the ‘dream’ … yea, right. Man, I just wanted an ice-cream cone.

Pride is a killer. Tell ’em Sly.

Hmmmm … I gotta get back to work, it’s Monday kids!



All the BEST to all of YOU!
– John


Phantomoshop MKE


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