Great Soundtracks That Aided Great Movies

‘T Time’ needs some good tunes before anything is steeped. Epic movie soundtracks are a proper way to commence.


There are many. But I find the really well-composed, well-produced soundtracks to be quite rare, as there are many pieces of bread that demand their butterin’ once the box office declares ‘smash’ and all that legality surrounding the creative starts to sweat and twitch.

Somehow, via miracle the investment ‘aids’ are kept at bay frothing in their kennels just long enough for the writers, producers, artists and engineers to faction the impossible, in tandem, before production is capped. Time… can define the best creative endeavors. What a variable! What a constant! I’m surprised they have yet to invent an award to present to ‘time’ itself, the master-player that it is … playing everything in its wake.

Maybe that’s what ‘Lifetime Achievement Awards’ are, acknowledging what could be accomplished ‘while you can’ and not what was influenced and perhaps improved ‘when you did’ only to be ‘out-done’ while being ‘done’ with the game yourself.

The ‘famous when you’re dead’ credo starts to smell quite pungent while rotting in it’s own eternity here (more on this in another installment).

If that is the case, pop in that tape cassette over there … the future is NOW.

Above: WAY before it’s time, Wang Chung’s absolute masterpiece goes googolplex-clicks beyond ‘Dance Hall Days’ (I really dig that song too). The movie is an under-rated instant classic as well, displaying perfection in balance between musical composer(s) and movie producers and directors symbiotic creative avail. I prefer this one on tape cassette. It even ‘smells’ like the 1980’s. You know, that ‘tape-cassette-baking-in-your-car-all-day-long-smell’? Surprised this one still plays! Sounds KILLER, turn it uuuup, dude! Ack.

This topic is so very subjective, really … as everyone has their own version of ‘favorite’ and ‘best’. And that’s cool. I know I do. That’s what makes the current generational shift call crusty dudes out like me and shout, ‘hey, what the F— do YOU know, huh?!?’.

Meekly confident I usually say, ‘not everything, but I know what I know, and I know what I have paid for‘ … indeed.

Above: Led Zeppelin guitar master Jimmy Page assembled a side-personel of studio wizardry and produced one of 1982’s most under-rated albums of all-time.

Above: ‘The Godfather of Soul’ got on the ‘good foot’ for the silver-screen all over this down ‘n dirty gem. 

Above: Where would this humble blog be without mentioning the master of movie sound-design and Oscar-Accolade Jerry Goldsmith? So many great soundtracks … even IF the ‘Alien’ soundtrack ended up being the industry conundrum that it turned out to be. Still, one of my all-time faves as is the movie. I have loved everything about this Ridley Scott MASTERPIECE ever since its release.

Above: The Super-soulful Curtis Mayfield brought in an Oscar for his Ghetto-funked EPIC, ‘Superfly’ for the legendary movie of the same title. If you have not seen this movie, it’s a must-view! The entire soundtrack is absolute lush beauty.


Thanks for reading all the way to the end. This ‘Epic Soundtrack’ edition is most likely going to have an on-going installment-type approach, due to my unfettering compulsion with this category of ‘audiophile’. I’ll try and keep the captions condensed!

Type to you soon,
– John

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