Time 2 Music : ‘Cottage Oculus Sessions’

We (my brother David and I) compose and record on a regular basis music and other-worldly endeavors at a cottage ‘in the sticks’ as it has been so fondly referred to in the past. We call these sessions ‘Scapes Taking Shapes at Cottage Oculus’.

Don’t ask me. IDKW.

DJ_Time_2_Music_BASS_600wAbove: Dave dials in his bass tone for the evenings session, declaring ‘time2music’.

Anyhoot, we have completed and released over a dozen full-length albums and ‘Maxi-EPs’ as we like to call them (all albums being extremely limited runs, some volumes yielding two-dozen copies), which have approximately a 40-minute program, give or take.

I will be writing about these sessions, how we handle engineering and production, and add clarity to who played what on which compositions, as Dave and I switch instruments and peripherals often. Personnel ‘factiods’ always seem to  heighten interests during playback.


You can listen to over 100 songs FOR FREE at our Soundcloud HERE:

Jam ON IT!

– John
Smoke in my eyessss …

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