Creaming Others Corn

Compliments …


‘That’s NICE …’

jj-fuman-strobe-anim copy 2

‘John, you are ‘too nice’ …

To me, there is no such thing as ‘too nice’ … except I can see for those who must always be in a ‘Debra Downer’ mood, yea. I get it.

I’ve met people who are terminally ill who have better attitudes on life than most who have it ‘all’. I still don’t get it. The more you get, the more you gotta have, is it?

Someone leave a ‘Smurf-turd’ in your Apple Jacks?
Mail forgot to send you your Publisher’s Clearinghouse winnings and instead donated your jackpot to McDonalds and all YOU got was a coupon for a ‘free regular order of fries with purchase of any menu sandwich?’ Uh-oh.


You know what? I’ve found out that NO ONE is impervious to ‘life’s lil’ mishaps’ which admittedly can get WAY OUT OF HAND and extremely dire. However, part of the solution  to these life trials is encoded in how one handles them.

Act like a baby, be a baby.
Act like a leader, be a leader.

It goes a LONG way … even if you ‘don’t know everything’ because you know what? No one does except GOD. Remember, ‘hate’ is easy.

As the Bobby and the news tells us for ‘better health’ :

‘Don’t worry, be happy’

Sounds like a ‘sell-tag’ and a scapegoat to me.

Let peace keep the pace, not a product.

– John
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