More GREAT Movie Soundtracks

Movies and their soundtracks inspire me.

O.K. so we are on to the second installment of ‘worthy’ soundtracks (worthy=my ‘faves’ I share here cuz, hey man, it IS my blog) that made great movies! Did you read part one already? If not, it might be a good place to start as to get up to speed on where we are going with this.


Alright, without further ado, here are my picks for ‘installment 2’:

Parallels between Homer’s ‘The Odyssey’ and this Ethan Coen production is laden with epic, ‘Grammy-worthy’ songs and performances. It won ‘Album of the Year’ at the Grammys in 2002. An obvious stand-out is Dan Tyminski’s vocal (lipped by George ‘Batman’ Clooney’s character in the movie) performance for the Grammy-winning song ‘Man of Constant Sorrow’.
Probably one of the most groundbreaking ‘apocalyptic’ films is the 1979 Australian masterpiece ‘Mad Max’ which rode it’s ‘cult-film’ status all the way to present with ‘bigger-budget’ sequels. The first and second installment of the series, ‘Mad Max’ and ‘Mad Max II : The Road Warrior’ were both impeccably scored by the talented Australian Composer Brian May (no, not THAT ‘Killer Queen’ Brian May, of whom I absolutely love the guitar innovations of). Watch it again … with a blindfold on. INTENSE! Those incessant arpeggio strings that chase your conscious all the way to hell and back during the groundbreaking, low-to-the-pavement motorcycle sequences are my personal fave (Do you see me, ‘Toe-Cutter’? Do you see me, MAN!!). I even wrote a song about it. Check it out below. That’s me playing and singing everything, so if you do not dig it you can blame me.

So that’s it for Phantomotoi’s ‘Favorite Movie Soundtracks’ installment II. I hope you enjoyed my ramblins and found some ‘freshly-crusty’ things to blow the dust off of.

Drop by for ‘part III’ when I get to it. It’s gonna be a can’t miss!

Peace … is GOOD

– John




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