Go Nagai : An Intense Ride

Can YOU handle it?
Always intense, never trite and forever over-the-top, the unparalleled world of GO NAGAI!

Above : If you are ‘game’ for a WHOLE LOT o’ the sharper, shocking¬†edge of Japanese Animation, GO NAGAI is for you. ‘Cartoons’ maybe, but NOT for kids. Adults only!

WARNING : This stuff is NOT for children!

A GREAT Place To Start

‘Go Nagai – All His Works’ is a great doorway into over 30 years of work, including illustration, animation, figure and toy design and much more. Find this excellent record and you’ll see just how long his work has been influencing the industry as we know it today.

The 3 VHS tapes pictured below the ‘mook’ are the complete three-part ‘ultra-violent’ series ‘Violence Jack’. Parts 1 and 3 are ‘english-subbed’ and a tad edited for American release. Part 2 is much different. It’s entirely presented in Japanese and is MUCH more violent and graphic than the American cuts, so be forewarned.¬†

I always really dug the ‘Violence Jack’ series because of how different it was from other conventional manga and animation being released around the same time. Go Nagai’s titles and concepts really broke a lot of ‘new ground’ that would never even leave the production floor of any westernized animation studio, let alone share the same ink well with ‘Uncle Walt’.

So if your thing is ‘Post-Apocalyptic Ultra-Violence’ where a giant indestructible hero reaps havoc for justice on ALL who commit atrocity, hunt for the worlds of GO NAGAI! You will not be disappointed.

Type to you soon,
– John


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