Panties and Toy Punks



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Above : Do YOU see ‘dead people’? I see ‘white panties’ … aaw shucks, time for a MOD.

I always hated when my brother would chide, ‘Cool chrome faces … Super-hero black briefs and/or Vista-lite panties’ in a loud ‘Don Pardo-voice’ (try it, it’s actually pretty funny) while I would unpack my boxes of treasured Time-Travelers, Pharoids and Space Gliders to only name a few. That was NOT funny or cool, dude, but whatever, I was no Spring Chick-pea to poo on my Pop-Tart.

But, another perspective can give root to fresh ideas, as this was one of those moments.

So, sick of the now reoccurring ‘Micro-panties’ image in my head tenaciously knawing at my personal ‘things-I-deem-coolest’ cerebral catacombs , I started to disassemble and rebuild them (with the theme from ‘The Six-Million Dollar Man’ on infinite loop in my brain) in different color schemes…

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