What Does Phantomoshop Mean?

So now to answer a handful of emails pertaining to ‘what does Phantomoshop mean’ …


Here is a good of an answer as any. ‘Tenacity’.

When we (my brother David, Mother Kathleen and I) were brainstorming for a name for what we were collaborating on since 2012, we had an epiphany. After more than a decade of concept development, constant ‘show’ production and opening an initial ‘webstore’, we decided to go official with the effort and give it a name as to ‘umbrella’ everything under this ‘apexed’ business model. It worked instantly. In fact, it worked TOO GOOD, TOO SOON!

Allow me explain …

We could not choose a word that we could agree on, so we decided to ‘make up’ a word that encapsulated the ‘idea’ of what we wanted to describe and ‘brand’… something timeless perhaps, something like a spirit.


Welp, we have been a studio providing ‘creative content’ for a myriad of different businesses (design agencies, book and magazine publishers, digital content providers, art galleries, etc.) since our inception in 1990 as ‘Designaholix’.

Fifteen years later, Designaholix morphed into ‘Soar MKE’, a collaborative creative content effort that pumped-out show after show for a straight decade (2005-2015). I’m still inventorying this massive body of work to this day …

Brothers Jenson get published once again, this time in the West German publication ‘Fresh’.

And again, another ‘morph’ was imminent, and we NEEDED A NAME.

Garnish_Animation_11 copy 2

At the final stages of Soar, Milwaukee, we were offered to do a ‘return show’ of mixed-media public installations at Great Lakes Distillery in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This was our second time doing a show of this grand size for this HUGE venue (it’s a distillery, dudes!), and being asked to do a second show was quite an honor for us.


Our return show was about half the size of our initial ‘distillery’ show, due to the fact that we installed in the brand-new-at-the-time ‘upper bar and merchandise’ area that Guy Rehorst (Owner of G.L.D.) wanted to showcase. Completely understandable as the finished upper section turned out absolutely breathtaking! Those who attended the opening were blown away by the ‘fresh class’ that was displayed for their full interaction and enjoyment.

Then the publishing deals really kicked in.


A few of the books we located with the work of Brothers Jenson Present – Founders of Soar MKE and currently Phantomoshop MKE.

As that show, the last official Soar MKE show, came to and end, we decided to hang up our helmets and develop a more ergonomic strategy to get our ideas to those who were resonating with it. So, after a widely successful three-month hang, we started brainstorming a business model that could umbrella all these collective efforts we were already proficient in from completing the last two decades. Tenacity has it’s fruits, and this fruit was given the name, ‘Phantomoshop’.

The works of Brothers Jenson at Gallery Nucleus in Alhambra, California.

So After ALL Those Shows …

booksbackgrnd copy
Above : Volumes of past projects are currently rising to full fruition at Phantomoshop MKE.


More HERE :


Here’s a brief, partial list. Let me know If I forgot any of the venues, as some of them are GONE now:

1998 – Exhibition of works at MSOE in ‘Digital Age’ a collaborative art and design show for public attendance.

1999 – Winners of Society of Illustrators New York Silver and Bronze Award for Creative Excellence in Illustration – Exhibition of artworks at the Society of Illustrators Museum of American Illustration in NYC, with winning pieces selected to represent the event’s promotional poster and full mail campaign for 12th Annual Illustrators Awards Show.

August 2000 – 6th Annual Old World Wisconsin Folk & Fine Art Show – Featured Jenson Brothers’ hand-carved and painted furnishings and live carving demo.

January 2001 – Exhibited mixed media work in ‘Guilty Pleasures’ group show at M-80 Gallery -Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Summer 2001 – 26th Annual Lake Country Festival of the Arts exhibition of works and winner of 2001 LCAF Merit Award

January 2002 – Exhibition of works in Beauty Salon’s ‘Art Circus’ group art show at Turner Hall – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

September 2005 – Exhibition of works in ‘Urban Graff’ curated art show at Lanza Gallery, 1917 S. Halsted – Chicago, Illinois

April 2006 – Winner of ‘Face-Off’ group art competition – Marshall Building – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

June 2006 – Exhibition of 3-month public installation ‘SoarMKE’ at Rushmore Records – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

November 2006 – Exhibition of flat-file works in ‘Girls, Girls, Girls’ art show – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

February 2007 – Exhibition of works in ‘Portraits’ group artshow at Artbar – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

April 2007 – Exhibition of works in flat file printmaking show – Luckystar Gallery – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

May 2007 – Exhibition of works in ‘Square-off’ at Lanza Gallery – Chicago, Illinois

June 2007 – Developed, curated and marketed ‘Dreambubble’ – A public collaborative exhibition and interactive art installation for Artbar – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

October 2007 & 2008 – Donated works to ‘Poplife’ – Art Auction fro Aids at Taylors – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

November 2007 – Exhibition of works in ‘Cedar Block’s Ramirez Box’ art show at Milwaukee Art Museum

December 2007 & 2008 – Exhibited products at ‘Art v.s. Craft’ – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

March 2008 – Exhibition of works in ‘Wish You Were Here’ mail-art show – Luckystar Gallery – Milwaukee – Wisconsin

August 2008 – Exhibition of works in ‘Cedar Block’s What You Get When You Cross’ art show at Milwaukee Art Museum

February 2009 – Exhibition of works in ‘Cedar Block’s Jan Leivens on a Jet Plane’ art show at Milwaukee Art Museum

May 2009 – Exhibtion of works in national touring art show ‘It Came From Milwaukee’ – Windhover Arts Center – Wisconsin

June 2009 – Developed, curated and marketed ‘The Master Observer’ – A public collaborative exhibition and interactive art installation for Borg Ward – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

January 2010 – Developed, curated and exhibited works for ‘Autotomy : A Detachable Tale’ – An art installation for Cafe LuLu – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

April 2010 – Developed, curated and exhibited works for ‘Goddess’ – An art installation for Freya – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

October 2010 – SoarMKE LIVE Silkscreen DEMO (2-day event) – MODA 3 – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

October 2011 – Developed, curated and exhibited works for ‘Garnish’ – An art installation for Great Lakes Distillery – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

November 2011 – Developed, curated and exhibited works for ‘Black Friday’ – An art installation for Tonic – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

December 2011 – Two pieces selected for ‘Best of 2011’ group art exhibition for Society of Illustrators Los Angeles at Gallery Nucleus – Alhambra, CA

February 2012 – Work selected for exhibition in curated and judged public projection show in Times Square, NYC and Vitamind Magazine Premier Party.

March 2013 – Art selected for exhibition in ‘The Art of the Business Card’ a public art and design show held at The Eisner Museum, Milwaukee Wisconsin. Art was also implemented into mailer and public promotions as well as window advertisements for the event.

June 2014 – Developed, curated and exhibited works for ‘MKEnauts’ – An Phantomoshop art installation for Bay View Gallery Night at Freya – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

October 2014/January 2015 – Developed, curated and exhibited works for ‘Spiritology – Phantomophigures’ An art installation for Great Lakes Distillery – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Ready to ‘down-size’, lift anchor and sail on, we decided that it was time to focus our efforts and create a place where we could consistantly offer our ‘wears and concepts’ to the public without the extreme overhead charges that displaying in galleries and ‘shows’ can incur, and the best solution(s) we found were building our online presence as well as choosing a ‘physical’ site where people could visit ‘in real time’ to peruse our inventory. That site is our current home, Fox Lake Country Antique Mall in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin.

Now, we do not sell most of our ‘current’ work at the mall. However, we have a special section we are building to showcase items that employ the current trends of ‘upscale’ and ‘repurpose’, but with our our incomparable Phantomoshop durability and timeless style. Maybe you might want to stop in and check us out?

‘Repurpose’ and ‘upscale’ are not new concepts, just new titles for trends gone crusty … as David dutifully displays above.

We have been very busy and are showcasing fresh items every week!

Stop by the Phantomotoi booth inside Fox Lake Country Antique Mall and see what those Brothers Jenson have ‘upscaled’ and ‘repurposed’ for your design, decor and living needs today!

See you at ‘The Fox’!

– John

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