A Foxy Fresh Phantomotoi Expansion

Lucky you, because Phantomotoi is gonna be EXPANDING again again the mall, with TWO new cases for high-tier collectable toys and customs, as well as another booth space for Brothers Jenson custom furnishings. This should be fun!

Here’s a few of the things that are going to join the rest of the ‘bash’ in the booth once I get everything inventoried properly. Below is just a ‘taste’ … enjoy!

Phantomotoi_New_Stuff_II_diaclone_pen_600wPhantomotoi_new_Stuffs_III_600wVintage Diaclone, Playmobil Space, Giant Robots from Japan, ‘mint’ condition NOS Mini-Bruder vehicles from West Germany … and MUCHO more are about to ‘invade’ the bejeezus out of Phantomotoi. Space Phasers might need to be set to ‘stun’!

This ’12-Combo Super Robot’ from Japan resonates a strange resemblance to Mego corps. ‘Biotron’ from the mid-1970s … COMPLETE with original box! AUAUUUGHHHKK!!!


Look for special ‘upscaled’ vintage figures and customized vintage Mini-Bruder collectable vehicles to be bombarding and super-punking the other toy figures in the Phantomotoi booth as well, because usually the ‘fresh stock’ always comes with a lil’ bit o’ smarmy in those foxy-fresh displays! Get some before they’re GONE!

I can’t wait to fill-up those new cases! Thank you Sue for helping us out and we wish you the best in all your future endeavors! We hope to see you at the mall sometime when you feel like ‘foxing’ … you know where we are!


Like I been sayin’ … the FOX ROCKS!

– John


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