We Couldn’t Have Done It Without

It takes a lot to ‘do your thing’ in this modern world. I think those who might relate to this ‘struggle’ know what I am alluding to here. Generating a frequency of your own is not the most lucrative angle these days, as goin’ with the flow is the credo that seems to ‘net the catch’. Maybe? Read on.

What I’ve found is that the most pertinent efforts we’ve been involved in have been productions that had a collective morale so to speak. A breathtaking synergy could be witnessed that seemed to resonate from some sort of automaton far greater than me.

In these moments of mounting dizziness and neglected hydration, I could see this plain as puddin’, and I would realize that these moments were not about the ‘sole’ expression, but a shared experience that lead to an unforgettable moment that is now an eternal jewel residing our memories, forever.

This is a ‘thank you’ to those who were there to lend a hand and a prayer to anything that I and my brother David have attempted to accomplish in the name of ‘tenacity’.

These exceptional creative talents are a massive help to almost any public effort those Brothers Jenson have ever embarked upon. When all the chips were down, when every last detail was finalized and when all was said and done these are the ‘cats’ that stayed with us from concept to completion. All those Soar MKE shows could have never come to full fruition had not been for these fine folks. Here are some of the main players in this kaleidoscopic, on-going effort. More than just ‘booking agents’ or ‘hype machines’ (although we appreciate the help and mouth of those as well, you know who you are), these are the people that were there when the projects needed THEM. My apologies for the redundancies of topic here, but when I travel back in time deep in my mind I tend to get all flustered. What epic times those were …

More HERE :

We say THANK YOU for all your effort, dedication and talent.

SoarBorgTVsmallerMAGIC copy 2

Above : ‘Main Player #1’ Mr. Scott Fehr of Pulp Restoration aids the hang at Great Lake Distillery Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Above : Scott and David ‘level out’ the main fence of Brothers Jenson’s ‘Garnish’ show.
Above : In the ‘home stretch’ of the hang, Scott and Dave prepare pieces to be cascading from the ceiling of the distillery.
Above : Back at ‘Phantomoshop Milwaukee’ for a quick refreshment and a commemorative toast to another ‘show well hung’.

Look up ‘Pulp Resoration’ on Facebook, especially if your looking for unsurpassed expertise in the area of historical home and building restoration and almost any building project you could dream up. Scott is a man of many talents. We know, because he helped my family restore the very house I grew up in which was built in 1842. He did a beautiful job (I’ll post pix in a future blog).

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