Fresh ‘Vintage Customs’

What is a ‘vintage custom’ when talking custom collectable toys?

Above : My favorite custom Micronaut/Microman that I was lucky enough to score on the left from custom toy maker Fred Yee (That custom cast resin head is too much! Thanks Fred!). On the right, ‘Poison Ducky’ found it’s way to a TMNT Mecha-Robo, and now wants to be the center of attention. *sigh* pass the ‘milk’ please …

When you grow up in the sixties and seventies and find you have acquired more toys than you ever thought possible, this can lead to a ‘vintage custom’.

Or, when you acquire a generous load of vintage toys, some complete, most incomplete and a rainy day gives way to brainstorming a play universe of your own device from the leftover pieces, this can also influence the construction of a ‘vintage custom’.

The ‘vintage custom’ is usually comprised of mostly original, ‘period’ parts, combined with modern ‘industry’ parts or hand-made ‘custom’ parts made by the ‘customizer’ in order to produce a new, original figure or version of figure with a ‘signature’ aesthetic and appeal.

Custom paint jobs and original, ‘one-of-a-kind’ weapons and accessories are also usually part of the effort with undoubtedly infectious results, as interest in this ‘custom collector toy’ market is rapidly rising.

Above : My personal favorite book on creating your own custom figures, ‘Microman – The Another Story’ is a great catalyst when considering how to get started.

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An ‘intergalactic army’ from another world await your perusal now at ‘Phantomotoi’s Booth of AWESOME Collector Play’ inside Fox Lake Country Antique Mall in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin.

All collector – all the time.

Stop in today!





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