Here Comes Weekend

Oh, lucky us! The end of the work week is once again upon us as we leave frantic for fantasy and begin to mentally orchestrate yet another two-day excursion filled with excitement, wonder and relaxation!

A road trip to ‘nowhere’ is always a great place to start, especially in the beautiful surrounds of ‘Lake Country’.

Working up a hearty appetite along the way is par for the course, of course, and trying that impossible sandwich might be in the daily schedule of events. You never know until the moment presents itself.

Even the most menial of tasks can often lead to the unveiling of very magnetically strong relations to certain frequencies within the immediate surroundings.


It is known to promote feelings of productive satisfaction to disassemble, only to enjoy the relaxing pattern of directing order to find its path back to ‘put’.

Enjoy the weekend everybody!

– John

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