Micro Batta Medicom Kits

Above : I collected three sets, one of which I plan for FULL-ON MOD. Can’t wait! Sleep ‘Insecta’, sleep …

Whispers of the past pay homage to Microman again in this most excellent collector’s set released by Medicom in 2003. If you dig hardcore punk rock … and you like to collect cool, rare toys, then you probably are already informed of when Pushead pushed the limits here for sure.

Above : RAH100 Micro Batta set featured characters from RAH The Cro-Magnons series, using the basic RAH100 body that was used by RAH100 Tron, which is also quite rare.


Above : Even the box art on the back is worth the price of admission! Great painted illustration by Washo.


There were two different sets released that I’ve found, above is the ‘Skullhead – The Dark Villian’ and his grasshopper insect form and next to it ‘The Good Guy’ Micro Batta (Take-shit) and his grasshopper insect form (Insecta Man).


The differences between ‘Dark Villian’ and ‘Micro Batta’ Insecta Man modes can be sized-up here, with different motifs used in the mid-section as well as varying degrees of translucency in the ‘clear’ limbs and paint color variations in the head and costumage.

Now I just gotta crank some Cocobat records and sling-up a bass like Take-shit for an all-night extravaganza of getting set to modify some of these crazy figures. Album cover design artist Pushead has been a strong influence ever since I was a wee lad just by grinding off those killer ‘Zorlac’ stickers that would emblazon all ‘the rad decks’ back in the day of vert skating. I wasn’t very good, but man, I really dug Pushead’s sticker art and still do. I guess that’s why I just had to search out these rare Medicom figure kits and try to do a custom based on my personal experiences growing up with some of this highly-energetic and entertaining stigma. I guess I’ll never grow up …
stay tuned for more!

For MUCHO more on Micro Batta and Medicom’s cool offerings, visit


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– John
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