More Bandai Beta Midgets

So I found out the only way one could procure a ‘Beta Midget’ bible like the one I mentioned in the last ‘Bandai’ blog was to purchase this Beta Midget box kit (pictured upper left). I was fortunate enough to score one from a fellow collector and resident of Japan. I can’t seem to find this particular kit anywhere now, and if it shows up, it usually has a pretty hefty price tag dangling from it as well.

Check this entry to ‘catch up’ :

This kit was a two-figure kit and sold with the book inside. One ‘evil’ and one ‘good’. Guess which one is which …

A very cool kit. I wish Bandai would make more and expand this extraordinary line of interchangeable collector fun. Let’s hope they do sometime soon in the future!

I absolutely adore all my Bandai Beta Midgets, but most of my ‘wave 1.0’ figures fell victim to the brittle plastic dilemma. Crud. Oh well, next blog i’m gonna still photograph a lot of them, just cuz they are so well designed as a visual, I can’t stop looking at them!

Keep the play,
– John



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