More Medicom ‘Skullhead’

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If you are new to the Phantomoshop Blog, it might be helpful to read the FIRST installment HERE :
‘SKULLHEAD’ by noted artist of awesome inks, Pushead!

The ‘Skullhead’ figure in my kit is made of a dark, smokey translucent plastic that resembles resin and doesn’t seen to be made for the ‘romper room’ as the construction seems quite fragile. Excellent detail in that ‘SKULLHEAD’!

Pushead is no stranger to the collectable ‘art toy’ scene, especially since the ink art of Pushead has been tenaciously spreading like a disease across the globe onto everything from pro-level skateboards and major label album art to full stage designs for some of the world’s largest touring bands. Pushead is HUGE, which makes this rare figure project with Medicom such a jewel.

A darker-toned color scheme for this kit, as ‘SKULLHEAD’ is the antagonist.

I mean, anybody who resonates with a Henshin Cyborg-like skeleton-styled figure is gonna dig this, right? I dig them. A LOT! But, I’ll admit, I’m usually drawn towards any figure 4″ tall and smaller that has a ‘skull head’.

Skulls and skull paraphernalia are always ‘in vogue’ at the mall, and not necessarily just human skulls. Any skull seems to have its own special appeal, and I think it’s the main factor that lead me to these Micro Batta kits and their ‘must own’ appeal.

A ‘detail shot’ of that zany ‘Insecta’ head. I would love to see one molded in a transparent resin … ‘flame orange’ or ‘purple metal flake’ … YEA! Maybe I won’t wait and make some myself!
Even the box art appeals to my tastes right from the get-go … there needs to be way more toys produced like these cool figures, PERIOD (& exclamation point)!

The ‘back of the box’ is even more beautifully rendered than the front.
Here’s to YOU and the next blog, which will most likely be about more collectable play! Type to you then

Dave & John
– Phantomoshop



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