Saw ‘IT’ Last Night

I saw ‘IT’ last night with 2 friends. It was awesome. Much better than the ‘made for television’ version that attempted to tackle this Stephen King epic. This ‘remake’ if you will is the ‘kids’ side of King’s story where a group of kids growing up in a small American town are terrorized by an evil shape-shifting clown known as ‘Pennywise’. *spoiler alert (Do NOT read the next paragraph if you do NOT want to know too much before seeing it!) This movie has been undoubtedly set up for a sequel, since it doesn’t get into much of the ‘adult’ perpective of ‘Pennywise’ or the inevitable situation the ‘kids’ will be in later as ‘adults’, saving much of the story for another installment. Now if this clown freaked the ‘BIG TOP’ right out of you, be forewarned, ‘Pennywise’ has been upgraded to make you spill your soft drink and fumble your popcorn in this ‘first installment’. The movie made me laugh (excellent cast that includes some personnel from the award-winning cable series ‘Stranger Things’), made me clench the drink holder for dear life, AND made me spill three separate drinks right in my lap! NOT KIDDING. Being a HUGE fan of the ‘horror’ genre, ‘IT’ has always been a special story to me because it roots for the ‘small guy’ … ‘the nerd’ … ‘the outcast’ and illustrates (‘Hollywood-style’ so keep this in mind) just how abusive we all can be on this planet we share, an issue that seems to be showing up more often in big-budget blockbusters. How very poignant. This flick is not perfect, it has some flaws and is NOT exact to King’s epic book, but it DOES DELIVER some excellent scenes, effects and performances. I would give ‘IT’ a ‘thumbs up’! Thanks Shana! ‘IT’ was a ‘splash’ – John Phantomoshop

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