Frightful Micro-Mods

OK so imma let a paw of the cat out of the bag here and say that the latest Microman Modified custom figures are going killer over at Phantomoshop.

I demolded parts today that I poured last night and most turned out better than expected, so that’s always double plus good when trying to release something in a timely manner (where I have failed before … oh well, it happens).

Being that I am pouring these micro-parts out of several different types of resin, some results are better than others. However, even the mistakes of mis-registration and drop-out seem to work as long as the articulated motion planned for the neodymium magnetic joint is not compromised in the final design. After all, these latest parts are supposed to support an ‘undead’ aesthetic, so in this instance I was given more levity than is normally tolerated when designing for custom micros.

Stay tuned, much more soon.

– John


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