Elderberry Tea Harvesting

Even though it is mighty hot out there for September, you know as well as I that Winter is coming up. That means ‘cold season’. I hate being sick, so my family likes to make an effort in the ‘preventive medicine’ department as much as possible. One example of this is our harvesting of our own Elderberry tea blossoms for winter. There’s nothing quite like organic tea blossoms dried to perfection when you have an itchy throat coming on right before Christmas and you don’t have time for ‘a cold’. Frak, these days no one does.

Here’s a short video explaining how we do …

Looking for Awesome? You just found … Phantomotoi!

Phantomotoi Collector Play at Fox Lake Country Antique Mall - Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
Collector and vintage ‘play’ GALORE at Phantomotoi!

Stop in this week for HUGE selection of collector toys, Halloween decor and MORE!

Lot’s o’ ‘fresh’ added so come prepared!


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