So Many Parts to Paint

It’s making me nauseous (in a good way). But, it’s loads of fun when no punch clock is forcing you to do a creative endeavor. Contractual ‘on the clock’ tasks are great too, but often lack the ultimate vibe of true escapism that I so longingly search for. I am not afraid to admit it.

Cleaned my favorite airbrushes out for optimum micro-painting performance. *drool
By far my favorite! The brush and airbrush savy, water-soluble Cel-Vinyl. Yea. Fun to mix custom colors all day long with this stuff.
Tamiya. My vote for best micro-primer in a can. The can is ‘cute’ too.


So  this is where the ‘Alien Face-hugger’ concept may have spawned … LOL
Micros disassembled an painted ‘Kaiju-Style’ as an experiment. FUN!
The second Fisher Price Bathysphere is primed and ready for top finishes. Hmm… I wonder what they will turn out to be as I really do not have a solid plan yet.
This custom ‘Micro Control Deck’ is turning out quite glow.


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Thanks for reading – stay turned for MUCH more to come.


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