Beta Midget Types

Here are a few sweet shots of some of Bandai’s ‘Beta Midget’ capsule-toy figures. Enjoy!

Above: Beta Midget ‘Salamander’ came in 4 different types, pictured above are Type 1 and Type 2 (left to right), Type 2 pictured with ‘Jacket’.


Apologies, for my Japanese translator could be MUCH more robust. #translate#japantoenglish #ainteasy #asyoumaythink#notgonnalie #ilovejapan #idonotspeakjapanese #atleasticanadmitit#iwishidid #japanesetoysrule #phantomotoi #phantomoshopblog


Above: Beta Midget ‘Salamander’ – Type 3 with ‘jacket’ … suited up and ready for some type of elemental excursion!

Thanks for bopping’ by … mucho more soon.

– John



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