Mego Micronauts … Takara Microman … Bandai Beta Midgets. What do they all have in common at Phantomotoi? They’re all some of my personal favorite toys since the 1970s (well, Bandai’s ‘Beta Midget’ is much later … but they are still included in this article due to their unbelievable articulation and scarcity).

Because all of these toys are no longer ‘in production’, I have been forced to create my own figures that fall into this scale which is becoming to be known as ‘micro-scale’ (figures no taller that 4″ in size).

My figures which are produced here, by hand in our own studio, ‘Phantomoshop – Milwaukee’ are called ‘Phantomophigures’ and you can get more info regarding their origin and production at:

Everything Phantomophigure from Phantomoshop

Here are some production pictures of some of our latest micro-custom endeavors … enjoy!

Keep that play …
– John

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