Great Weather, Great Painting

The ‘Micro-Figure’ customizing projects have been going rather smooth … that is, up until it started DOWN-POURING out of NOWHERE!

And you all know what that does … turns drying times into a whole different category of ‘retard’ … without adding any retarder to my paint mixes whatsoever. Oh well, I got other projects to work on while waiting for layers to dry thoroughly.

Gotta love October in Wisconsin … you never know what you’re gonna get with the crazy weather.


Just about ready here to unveil our ‘Special Micro’ for October …
Death Glider’
of the ‘Micros of the Undead’ series I embarked upon a few years back. Now, like a festering stench-whiff emanated from 1000 decrepid sarcophaguses simultaneously …

it’s back!


Stay glued,
– John

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