Phantomoshop, Phantomophigure and Phantomotoi

Definition time!

Phantomoshop : ‘Where the spirit of play never dies’! Our production studio(s) where all that is ‘Phantomo’ happens to happen … including the concepts and completions of every ‘Phantomophigure’ currently produced.

Phantomophigure : ‘A strange word for a rare flock of birds’ – A rare, one-of-a-kind toy figure produced in ‘Micro-scale’ in order to fit any 4-inch figure size/format to expand upon modular/interchangeable play. Character categories assimilate and expand with each new ‘type’ released.

Phantomotoi : The official ‘seller’s booth’ outlet where ‘Phantomo-customs’ and Phantomophigures have been known to be released to the masses. Find our awesome booth of vintage and collector ‘play’ from Phantomoshop and all over the world inside Fox Lake Country Antique Mall in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin … where a plethora of beautifully-displayed items are ready for your perusal and purchase. Many rare, htf items for your collections await you!

* Phantomoshop is online and does release for online auction and purchase – stay tuned to this blog for more as it happens!

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