‘Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda Creative Oracles and Thumbprints’


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I ‘would’, but…

I ‘could’, but …

YOU ‘should’ …

Sound familiar? Do YOU have a personal ‘Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda Creative Oracle’ in your life?

Yea, I know, If I wanted to consult a ‘Fortune Teller’ I ‘would’ just play the odds … read ON, right on?

There’s no room for it. ‘Advice’ is one thing, and ‘constructive criticism’ is another.

JGJ-in-studio-prod copy 2

At Phantomoshop, a deaf ear WILL be turned to ANY ‘advice’ that starts with:

You should …

You could …

You would …

Blame me if you want, because it is just ONE of the several reasons I started Phantomoshop MKE.

And the ‘deaf ear’ is NOT, let me clarify here, a ‘knee-jerk, half-cocked pride’ that does NOT accept a probable solution, good or better idea or even a suggestion. Quite the contrary, my friends. I save THAT type of idiot for when I play the ‘fool…

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