The Animation Work of Peter Chung

One of my favorite and most fascinating ‘master-content creators’ of who’s work I practically LIVE ON (can watch anytime and never do I tire of it) is ANYTHING that comes from the mind of animator Peter Chung.

Peter Chung is most commonly known for his ground-breaking visual cornucopia ‘Aeon Flux’ which was quite a hit on ‘M-TV’ in the early 1990’s. Chung’s futuristic vision was included in the then-innovative ‘Liquid Television’, a ‘all-animation’ variety program that showcased the craziest in the craft of progressive animation. I tried to videotape all the episodes I could, and to watch ‘Aeon Flux’ in short, disjointed chunks only hypnotically fueled my curiosity to a boiling point. This is when I finally caved and scored the full complete series on DVD, which is a 3-disc set in a stellar white slipcase. Sleek …


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