Those Incredible Tones

‘Tone Casualties’ released the full catalog of Drew Neumann’s recorded material used in Peter Chung’s ‘Aeon Flux’ animated series, which was then ‘re-realized’ in Hollywood as a theatrical movie for the screen starring A-list talent such as Charlize Theron as well as others.Drew_Neumann_Eye_Spy_Ears_Only

In 1997 Tone Casualties released Drew Neumann’s stellar work on cd as a 2-disc ‘double album’ of sorts, called ‘Eye Spy – Ears Only : Confidential’. The Peter Chung ‘Aeon-Flux-influenced’ artwork on the package design is a major attraction here, as is the plentiful array of other-worldly soundscapes waiting to meet your cochlea stat.

If you heard that this music was never released other than in ‘Aeon Flux’ … consider this blog post the mythoclast and hunt down this gem!

The back tray-card of the ‘EYE SPY’ 2-disc cd is adorned with Drew Neumann’s plentiful track listing … from short transitional pieces to longer lush soundscapes, this program delivers!
The art and design of ‘Aeon Flux – The Complete Animated Collection’ DVD set is beautifully executed, with each disc it’s own ‘canvas’.
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