Acroyear Custom ‘Soulsoarer’

IMG_20180405_204016_491Inspired by the animation series ‘RahXephon’ and the intriguing idea of the ‘MU’, I decided to see what an extra resin Acroyear head that I had would look like if I added some wings to the head, replacing the ‘horns’ and swapped out the chest piece with a custom resin skull. The results are pictured below.

Image owned by John George Jenson ©2018 Phantomoshop

The head has super-small bubble-holes in it due to this particular head being pour-molded, but not pressure-tanked. This head was an older one from before I scored the pressure tank and employed the degassing method I now use. It’s also primed with Tamiya white primer here, ready for top-coat. I can’t decide wether to chrome the entire head and wings silver or to use a crazy A.F. color scheme … only time will tell.

It’s a good start to a ‘Micro-custom’ for the collection which I have yet to see out there, but who knows, there are a lot of talented and stoked customizers and toy makers out there. The fun of it is that I made it. There is a certain satisfaction to making something from your imagination and see it take a physical form before your very eyes.

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