New Micro-Family Additions

Just recently I had the chance to add yet another ‘N.I.P.’ micro-figure to my personal collection that I have been eyeing for some time now, but wasn’t readily available online unless I wanted to pay a hefty setback. Well, patience served me well with this one, and I found a great seller who had a copious Microman stash he was downsizing. He was kind enough to set me up with not one, but two AL-52s … both in absolute MINT condition, unopened, sealed, unscratched bubble … ALL that.

So here’s what I think is so important about this …

not necessarily the cool stuff procured, but the fact that there are some AWESOME people out there that really do ‘care about fair’ in the ‘collectables/reselling arena’ and prefer to operate within a ‘collector helper-type’ selling model rather than that ‘know-it-all/top-resell-price-type’ model where everything sold is like customer bloodletting. I like when collectors/sellers are helpful and kind … sans ego-trip. The most we can do is to reciprocate this kindness and support that credo by spreading the same types of help and goodwill toward our fellow beings. It goes a LONG way and can only make collecting toys better for everyone. Let’s PLAY!

‘Building the Machine’ – It takes some serious study of the direction booklet included inside the packaging, but the ‘Exo-Mecha’ suit worn by Takara’s ‘Acrospiria’ Microman figure is one of the coolest hyper-articulated micro-toys in my collection to date!



Coming up, I’ll talk a bit more about yet another fresh addition to the ‘Micro-Family’.
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