Macro of Micro

Up close and personal. Scrub up on that. Magnification nessessary for maximum enjoyment of ‘Micro-scale’. Yup, I love taking photos. I love taking photos of collector toys and display sets. When I was a wee lad, my older brother David and I would bust out the HotWheels, Legos and Micronauts (our ‘all-time faves’ at the time) and ‘borrow’ our dad’s Polaroid camera, set the ‘stage’ with massive toy play-action and shoot away. Man, those were the days… although Dad was not so keen on the fact that there were only a few shots left on his camera. Wow, film was expensive back then. Now, we just ‘shoot away’ with practically unlimited 5-terrabyte drives and unlimited cloud sharing. I didn’t really realize how good we have it currently with this nutty technology everywhere. Crazy. Now if my chronic migraines and Tinnitus would take a break. No kid.

Well, I hope you enjoy these ‘Marco of Micro’ shoots that I mostly post on the Phantomoshop Instagram account. Join us! I love all the AWESOME toymakers and collectors that post great inspiring stuff all day and all night long.

Yup, I’m ‘Luvinit’ …

Phantomoshop is ‘LUVINIT’ and Ronnie looks quite content as well.

Keep that play,
– John

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