A La Phantomo-Sandwiches

Now that my feet have thawed…

things can once again begin to evolve with a quickness. Warmer temperatures sure do help this process, and I could not be more psyched to jump into taking all the ‘micro-work’ that was done at Phantomoshop over this past winter to the next levels. I think you are going to be pleasantly pleased with what we have concocted for you in the name of ‘Phantomophigures’. Check it out.

Phantomophigures are OOAK handmade toys from Phantomoshop ©2019
Like, ‘Candy’ said the engineer … hand-poured resin in many tones o’ home from yours truly at Phantomoshop.

Not only have several new character designs been added to the Phantomoverse, you can expect to see quite a few new ways in which a ‘traditional’ Phantomophigure is built, jointed and positioned for play and display.

Phantomoshop makes 'Micro-customs' for those 'one-off' collecting habits.
Not only Phantomophigures get ‘customized’ … our collection of Microman figures and toys are worked into the mix as well to make as many ‘Micro-customs’ as possible.

When lethargy hits the drawing board, I often pull out a box of Microman figures from my ‘personal stash’ to get some ideas for attributes that I would like to see when ‘playtime’ comes round. Mashing up my favorite toys is always a sure-fire way to fuel some creative sessions which usually end up turning into busting out the sketch pad to rough out some fresh ideas.

Another ‘Micro-Mash-Up’ from Phantomoshop

There seem to be many benefits to ‘mashing’ toys these days. First, it allows for extra and stray parts that may be left over from incomplete loose figures and toys to be used to make something completely new in your vision, second, it tends to ‘clean-up’ the work-area a tad, leaving more room for production and third it allows a designer to keep an eye on other toy-lines and designers, potentially building a synergy with another discipline with similar properties and ‘play’ characteristics (such as similar joint and peg sizes for accessory interchangeability, etc). All in all, it seems to be a fun ‘win/win’ for everyone, allowing the timelessness of play another round.

Keep that ‘play’ …


Visit ‘Phantomotoi’Superbooth o’ collector play from yesterday …

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